Singer/ songwriter Ryan Weber was born in a small farming town in Wisconsin. “I had good parents who taught me right from wrong.” He says, “I have four brothers and four sisters all having a story and adding to the unique puzzle of our family.”

”I taught myself to play guitar in sixth grade just because I thought it’d be cool to learn. I’ve always been interested in music and sang all the time, but never took it seriously until college. I played all the time, before classes, after classes, in between classes and sometimes during! I couldn’t get it out of my head and before long it had taken over top priorities.”

A self –proclaimed ‘geek,’ Ryan also describes himself as basically just a fun-loving, nice guy, “I don’t care who you are; I can get along with you. At some point you’ll like me. Maybe not right away, but you will like me. I’ve had more comments about that than anything. They’ll tell me, ‘That is so annoying how you do that.’ Ill just smile! I think, because I’ve been around so many different types of people, that I can find the similarities between them. I feel I have been really blessed to meet and know so many people in my life and to be able to make so many dear friends is awesome.” His enthusiasm for life is evident, no matter the situation. “I’m the guy singing 80’s pop tunes going down the freeway…and dancing. Normal is out the window. Anything that is out of the ordinary, or not of that ‘norm’, fascinates me!!! I have fun with life and don’t take myself too seriously. Mostly, I don’t take anything for granted when it comes to the instability of a music career. My friends get sick of hearing how much I appreciate them. With that said, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”

Ryan is a devoted husband and father, “I have the support of a good, beautiful wife and an extremely intelligent six-year-old son to whom I pass on the same lesson I’ve lived by. That lesson is TRY, and keep trying till you get what you want. It’s the only way to get anything.” Ryan says proudly of his son, “If you ask him to tell you something about himself, he’ll say he’s the next Shaun White and a snowboard prodigy! I’ve tried to get into video games with my son, but it’s pretty humbling to get worked over in a game of LEGO Star Wars by a six year old!!”

Humor plays a huge role in his life and he can turn even a trip to the store into an adventure, “My wife and I have a gold Chevy van and now it seems everyone else does too! We, on several occasions have almost been potential perpetrators of Wal-Mart parking lot grand theft auto! Sometimes when you accidentally get into the front seat of the wrong vehicle while a man is napping in the passenger seat, you can actually see the fear and confusion on his face! I know he’s still telling his family that story.”

Now residing in Nashville, Ryan is confident in his music and the choices he’s made to get there, “I put a lot of heart into my music. I’m prepared all the time. I’m lucky. I tried, really tried to think about what would happen if I went back to Wisconsin, sold my guitar, and never wrote again. I don’t think it would be a possibility. I write about life. I don’t think it would be enough without music. Without confidence and self-love, people are only living up to half of their potential. It starts inside us.”

His unique sound and complicated lyrics have caught the attention of some major labels, and Ryan is working on his new EP, due out soon, “It’s a very great sample of what I’m all about, for which I’m very proud. My sound is different, so I’m hoping others will like what I’ve come up with just as much.” Looking to the future, Ryan says, “I’d like to continue to make the music I love. I think once someone else gets their hands on an artist’s music it changes. So I would like to make a living doing what I love by my own craft. Why do it if you’re just going through the motions? One life on earth is enough motivation to share your gift with the world.”

written by Debbie DuBois Miller